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Construction & Maintenance Crews

Your projects will be in the capable hands of our award winning construction and maintenance crews.  All of our employees are trained to reduce risks through safety and hazard management policies, and will strive to make sure that nothing goes awry with your project. They can perform a variety of services from general carpentry and plumbing jobs to fabricating boat landings and helipads.

Our crews will mobilize from our main shop location in Morgan City, Louisiana. They will arrive at your job site on time and make certain that everything is up to par before they begin work. They will then undertake the project, finishing the job on time and on budget while striving to ensure that all of your expectations are met. Our crews will take care of you and your project like family. You can rest assured that the job will get done and will get done right.


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B&S Welding and Construction
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Phone: 985.693.7888
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Safety is our highest priority. We use multiple risk management techniques, including Safe Gulf Certifications, Safe Land Certifications, Environmental & Regulatory Risk Management and Process Safety Management. We strive to improve the safety of our projects on a daily basis, and we are always working toward reducing risks and effectively managing the risks we are faced with on our projects. Our employees are extensively trained in risk management and risk reduction through our comprehensive training and HS&E Program. Through that program they learn how to assess risks, control risks, correct behaviors that cause risk, and manage whatever risks they encounter.

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